Established in 1979, The Drain Surgeon provides full-service plumbing and drain cleaning to both residential and commercial customers throughout South Africa. The Drain Surgeon began franchising in 1989 and is part of The Surgeon Group of home service companies.

The Drain Surgeon is an industry leader with plumbing franchise opportunities across the country. If you want unbeatable benefits like state- of -the- art field service technology, 24 hour / 7 days a week call centre, marketing and operational support and longevity strategies, your chance is right here.

At The Drain Surgeon, our primary focus is helping our franchisees meet and exceed their professional and personal goals. The plumbing industry is growing, and so is competition in many regions. When you convert to a Drain Surgeon or pursue a plumbing franchise as a first-time business owner, you immediately acquire an edge—national brand recognition. Add to that the established systems developed over 40 years that The Drain Surgeon provides and you find yourself with exactly the right tools to build the future you want.

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Benefits of Franchising with The Drain Surgeon

  • 40-Year-Old Trusted Brand, Registered Trademarks and a Protected Territory
  • Proprietary Technology and Established Systems
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support
  • Nationwide Networking Support
  • Being a Part of the growing Surgeon Group of Home Services