Our business is helping you grow yours, by giving you the tools you need to increase your profitability.

Why invest in a Plumbing Franchise?

Plumbing provides what business experts call a “recession-proof” service. Essentially, no matter how the economy is doing, people will always need plumbing services—so plumbers will always find work. Moreover, as people leave more and more of their household maintenance to experts rather than do it themselves, the demand for plumbers is increasing. Starting a plumbing business is a dependable way of creating revenue while providing people with a much-needed service.

Franchising Gives You an Edge

The heart of franchise business ownership is to eliminate guesswork and replace it with proven systems and methods. Each advantage offered by franchise ownership is designed to allow you to lead your business above your competition as quickly and effectively as possible. From training to marketing materials to top-of-the-line equipment, franchise ownership can provide you with the power of a large business while retaining what makes your small business special: your leadership.

Advanced Systems

With our franchise services, we can offer your business access to systems and methods developed through refinement by hundreds of entrepreneurs over the course of decades. By giving you the software and practices designed by experts, we save you the costly time and effort that you would have spent designing your own system of operation. From daily operation to hiring practices, our systems have a level of refinement and effectiveness that no small business could achieve on its own without sacrificing its profits.

Brand Name Power

The single greatest advantage of franchise ownership is access to the brand. The brand is what allows your business to grow more quickly, easily, and effectively than any business without it. Your brand is what allows the best businesses to become the best and stay the best. Use our name to quickly widen your customer base. By using The Drain Surgeon brand name, you’ll be accessing the reputation and goodwill that our company has developed through the success of hundreds of plumbers on thousands of plumbing jobs.


• Size of town, city or geographical area chosen (franchise fee/number of teams etc)
• Whether you have a suitable vehicle already or if you chose to finance or lease a new one.
• Extent of material or equipment you already have.
• Selected overhead structure based on your involvement in the business.

The Franchise Consultant will be more than willing to assist you in drawing up what your specific investment will entail as well as projected cash flows.