Own a Franchise

Own a Franchise

We have developed two franchise models in The Surgeon Group: The Man in a Van concept for tradesman; and a private investor model.

The Man in a Van Model

The Man in a Van franchise opportunity is based on our existing, very successful The Drain (and Electro) Surgeon Franchise model. The traditional franchise model involved a franchisee acquiring a franchise area and then employing his tradesmen. He/she will then do the marketing and administration while the artisan/s do the physical work. We’ve since modified this Model so that it can apply to any service business.

Our experience tells us that the traditional artisan would prefer not to perform traditional admin and marketing so we introduced solutions to support that. Now, our Man in a Van Model means that our Head Office gets the work through aggressive marketing (we generate leads for your business), the jobs are then carried out by the artisan and Head Office takes care of the admin and finance tasks related to the job.

The Man in a Van Model now allows for artisans to become part of The Surgeon Group, where they are backed by an established brand, effective business model and all the support and expertise on a 40-year-old business!

So why is this Model such a great opportunity?

The Man in a Van Model is different because the marketing and management of the business is performed by Head Office while the franchisee will be required to do the necessary footwork, i.e. distribute magnets, flyers, attend trade events, etc., in his demarcated area. Our Head Office will also provide centralised administrative services, as well as manage and maintain the National Call Centre (NCC) and systems that will be used to facilitate job dispatching, invoicing and lead generation. The franchise business will not have fixed overhead costs or have to deal with personnel because as part of the Model, the Head Office will provide these services and charge the franchisee on a per job basis.

This structure ensures that the tradesman does what he does best – completing the technical job.
This business also has a shared risk model encourages both the franchisee and franchisor to do their best work and to work as team to ensure the success of the business.

Who can apply?

This opportunity is for tradesmen with experience.

  1. If you’re a qualified plumber and have at least three (3) years’ plumbing maintenance experience you will be able to become part of The Surgeon Group’s franchise family.
  2. If you have no qualification at least five (5) years’ plumbing maintenance experience is required. *terms and conditions apply.

*Please note that all applicants must have a clear criminal record, must meet our profile standards in terms of behaviour, drive, ambition and must have a manageable credit record as we introduce potential franchisees to investors.